Answers to Common Questions About Our Work

Roofing shingles and wood shakes usually have a 15-to-30 year lifespan, depending on the quality of the original shingles, how well the roof was installed originally, and the location and tree cover of your home.

A northeast roof is subject to weather extremes, wide temperature swings, snow, ice, hail, wind, and even poor roof deck ventilation – all of which play a part in the longevity of a roof. These extreme conditions perfectly illustrate why it’s so important to choose an experienced and professional roofer that does the job with precision and chooses the best roofing materials.

Here are some issues to watch for:

  • Evidence of water leaks on your ceiling (water spots/discoloration)
  • Discolored or cracked interior drywall
  • Curling shingles
  • Hail/wind damage
  • Loss of the asphalt granulation / bald spots on the shingle
  • Decayed shingles
  • Cracked, damaged, or missing shingles
  • Flashing that is missing or rusted

If your residential roof has any of these issues or is over 12 years old, we encourage you to call us out for an inspection. Not all damage is visible to the untrained eye based on the ground. Having a professional up on the roof for a closer examination can spot any damage early enough to avoid expensive repairs down the road.